Brent Winborne, Vice President – Exploration

Brent Winborne was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He graduated from Antonian College Prep in 1998 and went straight to work while taking classes at San Antonio College. While at community college, Brent was able to take a physical geology intro class that forever changed the way he thought about the earth and the processes governing it. Knowing that a career in science would require a lot of ancillary knowledge, Brent took a great interest in history, math, astronomy, physics, geology, and geography. After finally realizing that geology was meant for Brent, he chose A&M Kingsville for his destination to explore the great mysteries of the Earth. Having had the wonderful opportunity to attend A&M Kingsville and be a member of the AAPG and Corpus Christi Geological Society, Brent was able to nurture his curiosity of geology into a great career prospect.  Upon completion of his B.S. in Geology in May of 2014, Brent went to work for Nye Exploration and Production LLC that June. He currently is president of the Corpus Christi Geological Library.